Roof construction for a church in Rusestii Vechi village

by Anatol Stefanov

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The village of Ruseştii Vechi is located in the district of Ialoveni, the center of the Republic of Moldova, with a population of approximately 350 people. The small community set in a picturesque place of special beauty is known by the distinguished people who live here, through the centuries-old traditions and the tranquility that springs from all that surrounds it.

Seven years ago, at the the villagers's wish, the construction works for a new church began. The rational to set up the small church was the fact that the closest holy place is about 5 km away, and many Christians can't walk a long distance for Sunday services and Holy Feasts.

"I am sick, lame, and I can't go much down to the church in Ruseşti Noi", Nichita Coşarcă says to us.

Mrs. Vera Negru tells us: " Ruseştii Vechi is a rural community with a school, a kindergarten, a cemetery, but the most important place - the Church, unfortunately is missing. We are especially sad when our loved ones leave this life and we can't do their funeral in the church, as it should ".

In the summer of 2011 the foundation was poured, and a year later the walls of the worship place were lifted. In 2013/14, a new fence was installed around the edifice and since then, regrettably no construction work has been carried out since lack of funds. Because the roof has not been laid yet, the construction risks falling.

The funds for supporting the holy place so far have generally come from the faithful people from the locality. The parishioners, but also the neighboring villages, have also been involved in church building through voluntary work. The locals have provided food for workers in some days, helped to uncover, install and dismantle the scaffolding. Many men in the parish have supported the construction works.

We come with an appeal to all Christians to support the community of Ruseștii Vechi with a little money for the continuation of the construction works, and that, with God's will, we can install a roof at the new church.

The total amount required for the roofing is about 25,000 Euros. One part of which we hope to accumulate through the platform Guvern24. Beyond the material difficulties of our times, there is the chance that God offers us to be founders.

We can follow the course of works and expenses incurred at each stage of construction on the facebook page of the community:

We are the ones who build this church, and with our hands we make the walls. With the souls we will give life to this place. Our dedication is a daily piece of the Church. Let God give the thing that has begun to come to fulfillment, that in this new holy altar the blameless sacrifice of Christ the Savior and all the Holy Sacraments may be made.

God help us and sends us his blessings!

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