Help Cantemus choir on International competitions in Spain

by Denis Ceausov

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Dear supporters of the choir Cantemus, we are happy to announce that we will be sponsored in part by the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Ryshkani sector.

Thus, the total amount to be collected on the platform Guvern24 was reduced from 8 000 to 4 000 euros.

Hello, We are the youth choir Cantemus from Moldova.

This year, 2016, after a rigorous pre-selection Cantemus was accepted and invited to participate in two prestigious international projects: International Choral Competition in Cantonigros (ed.34) and International Choral Competition of Polyphony and Habaneras (ed.62) in Torrevieja, Spain in July 2016. Cantemus was chosen from about 100 candidates. These  competitions Invite the best worldwide choral groups and participation in these events is prestigious as for the Youth choir"Cantemus", as for whole country.

Cantemus choir needs 8,000 Euro for travel expenses.

We appeal to You with the great request to accord  us a  financially support, as much as it's possible, to realize the travel by youth choir "Cantemus" to these prestigious international competitions. Any help is welcome.

We will be very grateful for your financial contribution  and benevolent attitude to help a group of youth, eager to assert themselves on the European stages and promote our musical culture abroad.

Choir "Cantemus"  from CAE “Curcubeul”, artistic director Mr. Ceausov Denis, concertmaster Mrs. Cotova Natalia, is a laureate of several international competitions in Bulgaria-2009 Belgium 2010, Slovenia 2011, Poland-2012, Italy - 2013 Moldova, Spain, France, Italy - 2014 Switzerland and Romania - in 2015.

The choir has participated in several national art projects. Among them is the concert "Christmas Symphony" with the band "Zdob si Zdub" (2013), Chorale 2014,Master class at the National Conference of choir conductors (2014) Awards Gala "10 Moldova", organized by Publika TV (2014), National Choral Festival "G. Musicescu "(2015). In May 2016 Cantemus is invited to open Charity Ball organized by foundation "Hospice Angelus Moldova."

“Cantemus ” is formed from children and young people between 11-22 years old. The repertoire of the choir contains works by European, American and Moldavian composers from Renaissance to our days.

Cantemus is well known in the European space, choir has given concerts in Moldova,  Poland, France, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Cantemus has won many international awards:

in 31st International May Choir Competition (Varna, Bulgaria 2009) - 2nd prize in category of equal voice choirs till 18 years old and special prize for the best performance of a Bulgarian song by a foreign choir;

in 58th European Music Festival for Young People (Neerpelt, Belgia 2010)- 2nd prize in category of pennant equal voice choirs till 25 years old, performance in concert “Around the World in 80 minutes”.

In 29th International Youth Choir Festival, (Celje, Slovenia 2011) 1st prize (gold medal), Special prize for the best performance of a composition written after 1990, special prize for the best choir conductor.

In National festival of choir singing “G. Musicescu” (Chisinau, Moldova 2011) Diploma of Excellence;

In 34th  International May Choir Competition (Varna, Bulgaria 2012)-2nd prize and a special prize for the best conductor’s performance.

In 47th International Festival of Choral Song (Miedzyzdroje, Poland 2012 )- 1st Prize (Gold Diploma) in Category A (mixed choirs, men's, women's, youth choirs); 1st Prize (Gold Diploma) in Musica Sasra Competition; Special Prize from Association of Friends of MFPCh in Miedzyzdroje and GRAN PRIX of the Festival.

In 52nd International choir competition "Seghizzi" (Gorizia, Italy 2013)

* Gold medal in Folk Music category

* Gold medal and the prize for the best choir conductor

* Gold medal and the prize for the best youth choir

* Silver medal and the 3rd award in Romantic music category

* Silver medal in modern music category

In Republican choral competition “Corala 2014” GRAND PRIX (Chisinau, Moldova February 2014)

In 14th International Festval Choral “Cori d’Europa”(Udine Italy July 2014)

In 32 International Choral Competition (Cantonigros, Spain July 2014)3rd prize in Female choir category, 3rd prize in Folk music Category

In 19th International Choral Festival de Provence (Provence, France July 2014)

In 2nd International Choral Competition “A ruginit frunza din vii” (Chisinau, Moldova October 2014) 1st prize and Gold Diploma in Youth Choirs category

In 51 International Choral Competition Montreux (Switzerland, April 2015) 2nd Prize with marc “Exelent” in equal choir category (1st prize not awarded)

In 3rd International Choral competition “G. Musicescu” (Iasi, Romania July 2015) 1st prize in Youth Choir’s category and Grand Prix of the Festival

Moldova has true talents! Unfortunately, not all them are supported as they deserve.

Do not be indifferent, support art, support Cantemus!











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