Albinuta calatoare ( Globetrotting Bee )

by Dan Perciun

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Hello, Привет, Ciao, Hola, Olá, Guten Tag!

Every day, children of families from the Republic of Moldova established abroad learn Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, English and at the same time forget Romanian. It is not an intentional process. The reason is simple- we do not have educational programs for children of families who moved abroad, not even in bigger diasporas: programs for the study of Romanian language, geography, history and culture of the country they come from. We intend to change that with your support. On Sundays children can learn our language and culture through games,  discover Romanian folklore, fairy tales and get acquainted with the history of their people. We will help diaspora associations to organize Romanian language and culture workshops for children of their communities. We want at least 100 children to attend these workshops in maximum 3 months after launching the project. Such courses have never been organized until now because the organizational effort that each association would have to do was significant. Thus, each association would have to find a teacher who could develop a curriculum, purchase educational materials and invest resources in launching the workshops. To facilitate this process, we start the project "Albinuta calatoare" which comes to simplify the process of organizing such courses by providing diaspora associations with the tools and content necessary. How do we turn the idea into reality: 1. We will develop a training program for a year. The program will clearly describe the activities of each lesson and list educational materials that a teacher will need. The program is aimed at children aged from 5 to 11 years old and it will take into account that groups of children attending the workshops will be, most likely, mixed in age. The lesson will have an interactive charcter: games, songs, plays, fun activities. The program will be available for use free of charge by any association anywhere in the world. 2. We will develop / purchase the educational materials necessary to conduct the lessons. Five associations will be selected as beneficiaries of the project, depending on their abilities to organize workshops. They will receive free educational materials needed to launch the courses. 3. We will launch the training program. The five partner associations of the program will receive an initial fund of 350 euros to rent a room and be able to pay teacher's salary for the first months of activity.Courses will be a subject to payment to ensure their sustainability. Although associations will be self-financing in the future, we think that in the beginning financial support for launching activities is essential. Who is implementing the project: The project is organized within the campaign "Diaspora matters" held by PAS. Partner organizations that help us implement the project and will benefit from project activities are: Association “Renașterea” - Parma, Association “KooltureTricolore” - Montreal, Association “Arcobaleno" - Trento, Association “DOR” -  Parma,  Junior International TV  - London,  Association “Casa Mare” - Bologna, Association “Plai” - Torino. Project budget: Total: 4500 euros Curriculum and teaching projects elaboration: about 1500 euros. To develop the curriculum 3-5 experienced teachers will be employed, 2-3 from Moldova and 1-2 from abroad. The competition will be public so all interested persons can apply, and the results will be published on the project website. Purchasing and delivering educational materials: about 1,250 euros (250 euros per association) Providing resources for starting the activities: 1750 euros (350 euros per association) If the elaboration of curriculum services will be cheaper, the money saved will be used to purchase additional materials. All purchases will be documented and expenditure report will be made public. Project plan activities:


Team members: Dan Perciun - former Head of Department in Ministry of Education, where he was also responsible for textbooks editing. Currently working at the Center for Analysis and Assessment of the Reforms. Artur Mija - a young man, actively involved in various social projects, working as a marketing director at a large company in Moldova. Associations: Alexandru Cazacu - president of association “Dor”, Parma, Italy. Ana Păun - president of association “Casa Mare”, Bologna, Italy. Daniela Vitelaru - president of Junior TV International, London, Great Britain. Ludmila Furtună - president of association “Renașterea”, Parma, Italy. Nata Albot - president of association “Koolture Tricolore“, Montreal, Canada. Natalia Petica - president of “Plai“, Torino, Italy. Veronica Ciubotaru - president of association “Curcubeul”, Trento, Italy. To turn the project into reality, we need your help! If you also  think that it is important to help our children from diaspora to discover the country of origin, to know traditions, our history and culture, supports this project!

  1. How long will the project implementation last?

3-4 months

  1. How will the people who will elaborate the curriculum and didactic projects be selected?

There will be organized a public selection process, so interested persons can apply.  The project team will make the final decision based on the experience of each candidate.

  1. How will you ensure transparent use of funds?

All expenses will be documented. Monthly financial report will be published in detail.

  1. How can an association of diaspora become part of the project?

You can contact us via email The curriculum will be sent to all interested associations by email. Depending on available funds we will try to offer the necessary materials for conducting the workshops.

  1. Who is implementing the project?

The project is being implemented by a group of young people, also responsible for implementing the campaign "Diaspora matters" in collaboration with several diaspora associations. 

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