Bellydance Evolution Tour

by Marina Lelenco

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My name is Marina Lelenco and I am 31. I graduated from the University of Architecture and Urban Planning; currently, I am studying at the Institute of Psychology. In addition, I am impressed and fascinated about the beauty and elegance of Oriental Dance and Dance Therapy. I started practicing this compelling dance style at my 22’s, which is already estimated as an advanced age for bellydance starting without any choreographic background and experience. Responsibility, dedication and perseverance are the only pillars on which I count to achieve my goals. Over time, my hobby has grown into the main profession and job. Nowadays, I am a professional dancer, owner of Bellydance Studio “Almas” and yoga instructor. Dance is the source of life and a great way to balance the emotional state (stress, depression, overtiredness), and I am very pleased to share with all the women my knowledge and skills, by giving them warmth and joy.

I am the participant and a multiple prizewinner of festivals, championships, national and international competitions of oriental dances:

  • Silver winner of the “Miss Bellydance Europe 2011”, Kiev, Ukraine

  • Champion of “Silk Road 2012” Festival, Sudak, Crimea, Ukraine

  • Guest star at the show program within the “Carphatian Yoga Fest 2015”

  • Golden winner of “Bellystar love Weekend 2016” contest, Moscow, Russia

Soon, among March-April 2017, a great event is planned in the oriental dance world - the most famous concert tour: “Bellydance Evolution Tour” in Germany, Czech Republic and Bosnia. This is an American project on international level, which annually organizes tours around the world from Hollywood to Australia. Every time, there are organized castings in the regions chosen for the concert. The aim is to select the best and most talented dancers, who further would perform in the main dance team. To participate in the show is incredibly difficult, but this year I have been very lucky! I passed the casting, and the long-awaited dream (10 years!) is almost about to become true. This is a great chance to express myself at the international level, the possibility to share the ART, the joy and benefits of yoga and Oriental Dance both in Moldova and abroad.

Usually, for the realization of such plans and initiatives, all the costs were covered by myself. Right now, time is limited and, unfortunately, I can’t afford covering the travel expenses, accommodation, and meals anymore. I ask for everyone who really finds it an interesting idea to focus for our society, and as well, country recognition - to support me financially. Regarding this, I promise that the extra money collected (the remaining and not spent funds) will be spent on other charity projects.

All information will be posted on my page on Facebook:


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    С пожеланиями удачи, от сотрудников CityFitness

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    Îți dorim victorie, cu un pas mai aproape de vis

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