Community house in Ribnita city

by АНО РБЕЦ \"Хэсэд Рахель\" г. Рыбница

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For many elderly people it is a great psychological problem to retire on a pension and to stop labor activity. Person’s status changes and position in the society changes as well. A person has more free time which is needed to be occupied. Loss of constant job for some elderly people can be associated with the feeling of being useless and needless.

Late age is often connected with partial and full loss of social contacts. A part of contacts is lost when someone retires. In fact even if a person is not alone, he still feels loneliness.

It is very essential for people who are left alone, by some reasons, to have someone who will listen and understand them, who will be able to help in some difficulties. That is why it is necessary for old people to attend different clubs, to participate in public activities.

It has been for 15 years that Autonomous nonprofit organization Rybnitsa Charitable Jewish Centre ‘Hesed Rahel’ organizes the program ‘Day Centre’ for its members.

Mission of ‘Day Centre’ for elderly represents the assistance to form favorable environment which will provide them with protection and development of old people’s interests and life improvement.

‘Day Centre’ gives an opportunity to people of advanced age, mainly to lonely ones, to meet other people, be together, communicate, spend free time with pleasure and moreover to find new friends. The aim of the centre is to improve psychological condition of elderly people by means of various entertaining and amusing events.

They have an opportunity to spend time with use and pleasure in cozy and hospitable atmosphere. While participating in the program of ‘Day Centre’, elderly people satisfy their need in cultural leisure, communication, have a chance to improve their self-esteem, to feel their own individuality.

There is a wide list of services which are offered in the centre:

 - Dietary nutrition (breakfast, dinner),

 - Group of psychological support, sharing of experience,

 - Therapeutic and health-improving physical training,

 - Art-therapy,

 - Games (chess, backgammon, dominoes etc),

 - Viewing different films,

 - Literature discussion,

 - Excursions (sightseeing, museums, nature),

 - Master classes,

 - Day of meeting new guests (meetings with interesting people) and many other activities.

In order to increase amount of people (60-75 people) attending the ‘Day Centre’, additional financial facilities are needed.

Money are needed for:

1. for fuel for the transport which will bring people to the centre and take them back home,

2. for the purchasing of foodstuff (breakfast and dinner),

3. for the master classes and art-therapy materials,

4. for the building rent (public services) where ‘Day Centre’ will be set.

For a better projects' rotation, scheduled for 2018, 7 000 euros is the amount of money which are needed. Regarding this, the Centre would be a great opportunity to attend for the people from surrounding villages like: Ciorna, Yerzhovo, Ghidirim will attend.

We appeal to all people who cares. It is in our power to make life of elderly people brighter and more various. Maybe even to prolong life of someone.


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