Coloana Neamului

by Anastasia Haritonovici

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Mural painting with historical personalities - "The Column of the Nation". The work will have a historical character meant to inform the public about the personalities which have marked the history of our nation, such as: Burebista - founder and the King of Geto-Dacia (the present-day Romania); Stephen the Great and Saint - Lord of Moldova, a distinguished personality in the history of both Romania and medieval Europe; Dimitrie Cantemir - the Lord of Moldova, an erudite and illustrious scholar of world fame, Moldavian voivode, philosopher, historian, scholar of Romanian humanism. The young generation will be stimulated to become more interested, more curious in studying the national historical patrimony.

At this time, Chișinău, with a population of 600,000, with few spaces arranged to communicate to the population, especially to the youth, the information about the illustrious and historical people who created the history of this nation. The experience of EU Member States and the many examples of conceptual urban development in Europe show that mural painting in urban space contributes to city comfort, educational innovation through visual representations of historical, cultural events or illustrations. Mural painting on public buildings is a very powerful element of communication with a major social impact that contributes to the cohesion and consolidation of a diverse and multi-ethnic urban community. Also, the mural painting on the walls of public buildings contributes to raising the general culture of the city's inhabitants. Starting with 2015, I  have been contributed to the implementation of several mural painting projects in Chișinău, such as: "The Bicycle Boy" (2015), "The Glory Wall: Decebal" (2017), "Folk" (2018)  etc. The proposed project is a continuity of this unique tradition for Chisinau municipality.

The project aims to educate the young generation in the spirit of the historical values of our nation and will help to strengthen the national identity and capitalize on the cultural-historical treasure. The proposed mural painting project will serve as an instrument of communication, education and formation of the sense of belonging to the history and culture of our nation.

The project will be benefitial to all the residents of the capital (estimated at 685,900) and its guests. The main target is the younger generation, such as pupils of all ages, youth, civil society, as well as the cultural and academic platforms from Chisinau.

For development and implementation of the project is required everyone's involvement. The parameters of the work are 220 square meters, approximately double considering the previous work "Wall of Glory: Decebal", which would reach the amount to 7500 euros. 2000 euros is the amount needed to buy materials such as paint, a man lift, scaffolding and work tools for wall painting. 6500 will cover the work of the painters, a team of 3 people.

The work will be placed in Chișinău, but exact location, as choosen by the author, will remain as a surprise; to the audience - it will be revealed  at its finish and inauguration. The realization of this concept will contribute to the filling of the open-air art gallery of Chișinău.



  1. Valentin Marcenco 

    Sper ca aceasta lucrare sa fie realizata, cit mai curind.

    1 year ago
  2. Corina ..... 

    Succes !

    1 year ago

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