Choir ”Elefteria” – singing hearts must be heard!

by Nataly Shulika

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Thank you for your attention!

Who are we? We are young people from Republic of Moldova; being on the levels of wealth and social status we all are united by music. And we pass through water or fire, go through some happy moments and our sad ones all together. This spring, we have passed the qualifying round of the 34th International Choir Competition, which will take place in Preveza (Greece). To implement our long-standing dream we need to make up a purse about 7.000 euros for travel and accommodation.

We are really proud we’ve been invited to participate in this prestigious international project and have got an opportunity to present our country at a decent level.

Unfortunately, we’ll never achieve our goal without your help and financial support!

About us:

Youth Choir "Elefteria" was created on October 1, 2013. During the two years of existence our choir successfully participated in the events organized by the Society of Greek culture and dedicated to the national and religious holidays in Greece, in the concert, dedicated to the enlarged meeting of the Coordinating Council of the 5th SAE Periphery (Moldova, Chisinau, 2015). Our team was one of participants in the concert dedicated to the Day of Slavic Literature and the anniversary of the Bureau of Interethnic Relations. Youth Choir "Elefteria" is awardee of the International Diplomatic Christmas Market in Ukraine (Odessa, 2015) and annual festival "Plai Natal" in Republic of Moldova (Chisinau, 2015). Youth Choir "Elefteria" is permanent participant at the ethno-cultural festivals and public cultural events.

The choir repertoire includes compositions of world classical, folk and spiritual music.

The founder is Nataly Shulika, choir conductor is Karina Mirza.

To view all current activity, please follow us on fb page: Youth Choir "Elefteria".



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