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3What is Spalatorie Theatre? Spalatorie Theatre is an independent art initiative that emerged in 2010 from the need to consistently create artistic production that would reflect the problems facing contemporary  Moldovan society. It is a platform for promoting contemporary art in Moldova. Since we have opened our doors there have taken place dicerse shows, performances, presentations,  discussions, as well as the events organized by you, such as debates, lectures, workshops, sceenings. Over the years we have created and invited numerous plays and performances from Poland, Romania, Germany and the UK. Also we have started a program of temporary residence, which was attended by Bogdan Georgescu, Wojtek Ziemilski, Jessica Glause, Florin Flueraș & Alina Popa, David Schwartz și Anetta Mona Chișa & Lucia Tkáčová. 935167_691648374212463_1198475747_n Why do we need you? There have been performances and events that were self-financed. Even now we are working on a play which premiere is in February and it is also self-financed. Here are some more plays that took place: A(II)Rh+, Moldova sucks!, About sex to the adults, Moscow doesn’t trust tears,  Friendship. There have also been plays financed by local authorities. The Culture Department was the one to support us in organizing our first “Compots” in front of the “Open Apartment” on Bucuresti str, 68.  The program of temporary residence and invited performances were supported by foundations and international public institutions. However, there was a play totally supported by the society, by you all. Through the campaign Do it yourself - a democratic way of making art  we managed to collect more than a thousand euros for the production of the play «American Dream». This is when we realized that together we can do things. Surely we will keep on producing and inviting performances and artists by means of private foundations and public institutions. But in addition to the cost of play production or  artists’ accomodation there are also costs for the constant maintenance of the space of the theater, improving the quality of technical equipment, improving the working conditions of the actors and the space for the audience, or any other kinds of needs.  In most cases these expenses can not be covered by funds or public institutions. And this is what we need your support for! Since you are our partner, during this year we will periodically inform you about the program of the Spalatorie Theater, about our initiatives, projects, performances and artists whom we are planning to invite. 12294660_1028623797181584_1445237949057543477_n screenshot 2016-01-28 002


  1. Elena Zgardan 

    3 years ago
  2. Anonymous 

    3 years ago
  3. Nata Andreev 

    Teatrul Spalatorie is the only place in Moldova that listens to the underground voices. Opinions that matter, opinions that make a difference, but are often ignored by mainstream media or culture. Spalatorie treats every subject and story with respect and dignity. I truly hope we\'ll be able to keep it alive!

    3 years ago
  4. Anonymous 

    3 years ago
  5. SMS  

    3 years ago

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