Festival for everyone

by Vadim Beleavschi

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The organization was registered in 2013 to intensify the projects initiated by a group of volunteers from the Ungheni, Moldova. The organization's activities are focused on working with children and youth (10-21 years). The main projects are carried out in cooperation and with the assistance of local schools and the Main Directorate of Education for Youth and Sports, as well as the City Halll of Ungheni.

The NGO "Lines of Life" develops its activities in the following areas:

1. Music club (Learning to play the guitar, drums, bass guitar and vocals)

2. Sports clubs and activities (floorball club METEOR, Ping Pong, Kids Games, basketball, football yard, Tourism Club)

3. Organization of camps (tent, stationary, day, hiking)

4. Social actions and projects ("Give hope", "Pure heart-pure city", "Good mood", Distribution of packages with products)

5. Clubs for teenagers and youth.

The number of people we work with during the week is about 100-150 people.

Achievements and activities:

- For 10 years we have been training young people on musical instruments.

- Opening and registration of Floorball club "METEOR". Master class on floorball in three schools in Ungheni. Master class and the opening of the club in Briceni. Participation in floorball competitions 2016, 2017

- Since 2010, camps have been organized: extreme hikes, stationary, bike rides, daytime children's camps, and also International games "Kids Games" in schools.

- Support of socially vulnerable families, social action "Give Hope",

- Trainings for youth and teenagers, thematic clubs are held.

- In 2016, for the first time, the "Festival for everyone" was organized with the support of the Ungheni City Hall

How we plan to organize  "Festival for everyone  2017":

- Construction of an entry-level Skate Park. It will cost 11500 lei

- Organization and holding on of competitions in basketball, yard football, Floorball, ping-pong, Kids Games, Yard Games

- Rent and purchase of equipment and inventory 8000 lei

- Transport 3000 lei

- Food for the team / water 2000 lei

- Prizes and awards 6000 lei

The time of the festival is 14: 00-19: 00 every day during the specified period.

Goals of the Festival:

1. A holiday for residents and guests of the Ungheni;

2. Promotion of the ideas of the value of a full and healthy family, and relations between parents and children;

3. Promotion of healthy lifestyles;

4. Call for an active position toward our town and country;

5. Interesting vacation for residents of Ungheni;

6. Popularization of sports in Ungheni

In a Programme:

~ Training and competitions in basketball;

~ Training and competitions in floorball;

~ Competitions in football;

~ Children's international games Kids Games;

~ Family Relay;

~ Yard Games, board games;

~ Trampoline;

~ Children's zone (trampoline, needlework);

~ Crossfit;

~ Skate Park;

~ Special program and entertainment from guests from Canada;

~ Evening shows and pl. Other;

~ Rewarding.



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