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Guvern24 is the first and visionary crowdfunding platform in Moldova who aims to bolster participatory democracy via crowdfunding tools. Over the past nine months of activity we have proven that we are a trustworthy of both project manager and civic-minded citizens since over 7000 donations in amount of 201.304 EUR have funded more than 100 projects, including charity and community-oriented initiatives.


Our mission is to maximise the synergy between game-changers of someone's life or socio-economic development of a community who needs to raise funds and citizens who are eager to contribute to the change being part of the realization of one of the most steaming activities in the country.

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Over the past nine months, we witnessed and assisted critical projects that somehow gave a new life turn for those in need or fuelled someone's dream. Thanks to your involvement, 730 people rescued Tudorița, 50 people made it possible to release the debut album of the "Harmasar" music band, 43 people offered street illumination in Costesti village and 270 people have supported Hospice Angelus; list can go on, as the Guvern24 platform help to turn the dreams and inspirations into reality. But even more importantly, we returned the smile and hopes that some people have already deposit in the depth of their souls.


Since the very launching day, we have been competitive offering the lowest possible commissions and fees and the collected funds could reach in the easiest way applicable it's followers. We were always reliable partners of project managers or beneficiaries assisting them with translations, producing visual content for the proposed activates and coaching them through valuable feedbacks.


Since we are facing increasing demand from project managers while our technical capacity of providing visual content is limited, we suggest to crowdfund your serviceable crowdfunding platform or do Crowdfunding^2. Therefore, we need 4,000 euros to purchase one video camera, one tripod, one lavalier microphone, one classic wireless microphone, memory cards, camera batteries and a special bag to carry all design materials. Since we know that you value Guvern24 as an essential platform for a healthy socio-economic development of our society, we are firmly convinced that you will chip in and support this cause. The purchased technical equipment will allow us to uphold platform's project manages by helping them to generate the needed visual content. Likewise, we will bring to life several panoramic ideas of Guvern24 team to promote the culture of crowdfunding for a better participatory democracy in our lovely Moldova.




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