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In Moldova, there are no spaces that can offer all-in-one solutions. Even if there are few business incubators located in Chisinau that can offer cheaper renting spaces and additional services for micro companies, these, being within the Universities, are open to the enrolled students only. Thus the access of other entrepreneurs is prohibited.

Aim of the project is to support startup entrepreneurs to grow and succeed thus contributing to the development of new innovative businesses and creation of new jobs. In the long run it will contribute to the decrease of number of people, especially young, who emigrate and increase in the overall economic development of the economy (GDP growth, increased budget revenues, etc.).


Small business is the backbone of any economy. It is known for being flexible, receptive to the demands of the market, open for innovations and uncommon solutions. They are the drivers of change and development for a country’s economy, being in majority of cases founded by young people.

Fighting the same problems as larger businesses, these types of companies also face some specific problems like:

- Hardship in renting an office due to expensive office rent or too large spaces offered. Medium rent for an office in the center of Chisinau ranges from 10-20 euro/square meters. At periphery of the city an office can be found for 6-10 euro/square meters, with poor conditions. In average, the smallest office for a rent has at least 10 sq. meters and small businesses have to share the space to afford the price.

- Expensive additional administrative services, like electricity, water, heating, telephone, internet, as well as cumbersome procedures in getting connected as company to such services.

- Need to hire accountant, secretary, etc., despite the fact that the company is too small to afford them. This puts additional burden on entrepreneur who tries to solve all the matters by himself.


The idea of the project is to create a first and unique for Moldova co-working space for freelances, entrepreneurs and those wishing to start an entrepreneurial activity.

Co-working space (also known as HUB) is a place that provides its beneficiaries with the opportunities to access cheap offices, get connected to other people and have access to learning environment. Co-working represents something far more than simply that of people working in the same place. It represents a fundamentally new way of thinking about how we work and share with one another.

Unlike conventional office space, co-working offers more than a simple office for rent. The co-working space solves a number of issues faced by entrepreneurs, by offering:

- Access to cheap offices with all needed facilities, fully equipped

- Networking with peers and like-minded people

- Access to potential partners, clients and investors

- Access to additional services (marketing, accounting, etc.) for business support

- Access to business education, trainings and master-classes.

- Access to eco-friendly environment that motivates for work and creation.

- Access to all-in-one service and place where creativity and inspiration boosts and great ideas are born and shared.

Our co-working space is located in the center of the Chisinau city (str. 31 August 1989, nr. 105) and occupies around 700 square meters. It has three floors and will offer the following benefits:

- Cheap office rent of different type (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly usage)

- Space for group meetings (of different capacity: from 5 people to 50 people)

- Rooms for relaxation and creativity

- Food court (from restaurant to small open kitchen)

- Library with professional literature

- Wi Fi internet, fax, printer, scanner, telephone, etc.

- Access to common reception services

- Business services of accountants, web developers, designers, etc.

- Individual cell for keeping personal stuff

- Events that are to organized (seminars, trainings, master-classes, etc.)

- 24/7 access

- Non-smoking, eco-friendly, alcohol free environment

- Parking space (for every type of the transport unit : from automobiles to bicycles)

Our co-working space is not only about the physical place, but about establishing the co-working community. It is first and unique of its kind in Moldova.


 - Freelancers

- Start-up entrepreneurs

- Active businessmen, small business men

- Young people, who wish to start their own business

- Business associations

- Companies looking for renting a conference room for public presentations


Currently the place we own is located in the center of the Chisinau city (str. 31 August 1989, nr. 105) and occupies around 700 square meters. The building is 50% renovated. It has 3 floors, 2 entrances, parking space - 0,03 ha.

The additional investment is needed and can vary, depending on the renovation to be done. The support is required for:

- Design services

- Ventilation installation

- Finishing works

- Furniture, connection to facilities

- Technical equipment





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