Street lighting for the village of Costesti – safety for citizens

by Asociația Obștească ”Alternativa”

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Costesti village, located 22 km far from Chisinau, is home to more than 12 000 inhabitants. The favorable geographical location close to the district center, including the city of Chisinau, opens important perspectives and possible long-term economic development of the area, the development of tourism and the mobility of the population in regional economic centers. Around Costesti, Ialoveni district, there’s a network of overhead electrical lines of high, medium and low voltage. The village is provided with 1900 electric pillars. The condition of distribution lines is satisfactory, electric and telephone network being repaired when necessary depending on the effects of weather conditions. However, the coverage of street lighting is insufficient, especially on the main streets which connec people’s houses with public spaces (school, kindergarten, etc.). For this reason, the level of insecurity is growing, according to the crimes committed in unlit areas of the village. According to police, the number of road accidents is significantly higher in these sectors. The project "Street lighting of the village of Costesti - safety for residents," is aimed at providing a safe environment for residents through adequate street lighting in the village. In addition, the project aims to improve understanding of the processes of correct long-term organization and implementation of street lighting of the area by the local public authorities, as well as to mobilize other regions of Costesti village to contribute to the lighting of adjacent streets coverage. This experience will facilitate the direct participation of the villagers in social life and solving local problems. 2 The main types of project activities that are to be implemented are the following: 1. Identification of the most appropriate technologies for efficient street lighting; 2. Installing an energy efficient street lighting system in key areas of the village; 3. Providing capacity-building process among technical staff in order to exclude any possibility of bad maintenance management. 4. Presenting conclusions and activities implemented in other villages and communes as the model of successful implementing of such a project within a public event of  the project commissioning. In the case of expanding the network of street lighting by increasing the number of poles and equipment energy-saving lamps certain actions are needed to be taken. The first step is the technical development of the project and identifying the sources of funding, so as getting support from the electricity distributor and subsequent involvement of local residents in covering the costs for lighting the adjacent and side streets. The project will be implemented by the Public Organization "Alternative" at the initiative of the mayor of the village of Costesti. The purpose of the project is to improve the quality of life of the villagers and to reduce the situations of their daily risk. Costesti is a village with great socioeconomic perspectives, where the street lighting is one of those projects that will allow to return the village to life and attract the villagers from abroad to return home. The impact and sustainability are the final criteria. Good practice in the field of street lighting should be sustainable from the economic, environmental and social points of view. Also influence must be continuous and of long-term. The participation of citizens will help to identify and clearly understand local needs related to street lighting. This process takes time and proper involvement will help to create networks and connections that will facilitate implementation of other local development projects in the Costesti village. Implementation of the project as described above will lead to long-term deployment of active, productive and efficient activity. Thus, the direct involvement of local people in the implementation of the project will cause in them a sense of "ownership" in relation to the project and increase the level of responsibility, not only in a certain area, but throughout the whole locality. In the case of this project, we believe that the benefits in socio-economic terms are much higher than the costs and risks, and the project itself is a long-term profitable investment. Implementation of the project fully meets the local conceptions of development based on the principles of efficiency and competitiveness of human resources. This project will be an example of good practice in the implementation of projects financed both through external funds and citizens’ contribution.  

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