Paintings for special children

by Tudor Cojocaru

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The authors of the pictures will be 6 professional painters. At the gallery’s opening will be some painting workshops, organized by the Authors of the Picture Gallery.

The purpose and the objectives of Charity’s Campaign:

- To raise awareness in society regarding children with special needs

- To involve specialists, experts and mass-media of the cultural industries in Charity’s Campaigns.

- To stimulate the civic spirit among volunteers.

The concept of Art – Therapy involves and stimulates a successful result, even if it’s not for a long time. However, the impact can change or help to attract other eyes or ears that will be more available to get involved in this campaign.  It is known that through music, dance, painting, crafting, the treatments of the patients are more effective.

Thanks to this project, the patients of the Rehabilitation Department for Children, with nervous disorder, psychomotor and locomotors disturbances from “Mother and Child Institute”, will have the opportunity to be concealed, healed or at least influenced with the pictures of  Moldovan artists.

How will we achieve it ?

The group of six painters is ready to create 20 pictures for the young patients from “Mother and Child Institute”. The pictures will be delivered for free to Rehabilitation Department for the children with nervous affections, psychomotor and locomotors disturbances.

What will be the money spent for?

The collected funds will be used to buy all necessary tools: the frames , the canvas, the solvents, the paints , the easels , the brushes , the lacquer and other necessary tools.

Budget: 24 200 MDL


Mother and Child Institute

Information Centre for Local Authorities

Organizing person

Information Centre Inovatica- Optim


Cerneva Ana

Project’s Coordinator

Vice President

Information Centre Inovatica- Optim

The Community Association



  1. Neli  

    Societatea de Pediatrie din Republica Moldova susţine acest proiect!

    3 years ago
  2. Traistaru Galina 


    3 years ago
  3. SMS  

    3 years ago
  4. Dmitrii Cernev 

    Успехов! :)

    3 years ago
  5. SMS  

    3 years ago

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