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by Ajuta Un Om

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Officially, by the end of 2015, in Moldova were registered 9616 cases of breast cancer, of which only 1013 new cases in 2015"- informs the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova.

These official numbers are still not the limit because there are a lot of women, especially in rural areas, which are no longer going to the doctor. For this reason appeared Community project "Stop Breast Cancer" which aims to inform and raise awareness about the danger of breast cancer which, if is about to be discovered at the initial stage - surely can be treated.

For this, women should remember a simple rule - after menstrual cycle finishing - to carefully palpate the breasts. If the feeling is confortable, then this is a good enough reason to make a visit to the doctor. Already the doctors know the best what is about to happen next. The sad situation from our country have motivated , a group of volunteers, to launch the "Stop Breast Cancer" project.

Here we rely very much on the involvement of all - just as possiblethat  can submit to every women that should take care for their health. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the world.

October means breast cancer prevention month.

Thereby, we plan to organize several public events to draw the alarm over the disease. For this, we need financial support to acquire the necessary power for the performance of all actions, including creating a social spot that would urge women to go to the doctor. An ultrasound scan done on time can save a life! Donate to Project STOP BREAST CANCER! Help us to inform as many people about the danger of breast cancer.

Self-examination and regular medical check is a real chance to have more healthy women.

Statistics show that in the world every minute, a woman dies of breast cancer. And every three minutes a woman finds out that she has breast cancer ...

Dear women, regularly go to the doctor. Because detected early breast cancer can be treated!




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