Support 12 children that overcame cancer.

by Elena Calmis

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Through this project, we intend to support 12 children from Moldova (7-16 years old), who overcame oncological diseases, at the World Children's Winners Games (, 2-4 June 2017, Moscow.

Children are registered at tennis, chess, swimming, running, shooting and football competitions. The organizers of the event cover all accommodation, food and transfer costs in Moscow. Participants have to cover their travel expenses. Thus, we appeal to your help so that we can collect the amount of EUR 1,800 needed to buy for the 12 children Chisinau-Moscow round trip tickets.

Support them in competitions, fight together, win together!

World Children's Winners Games are a unique international event, organized annually by the non-profit organization „Gift of Life”; and these sports competitions are for children who overcame oncological diseases. The goal is to support these children, to help them get back to the life they knew before their long battle with their illness - the life full of joy and happiness. Our (and your) task now is to help them with their psychological and social adaptation.

In 2017, around 500 children from 16 countries will participate at competitions. This year, the team from Moldova will participate for the 4th time; this time with 12 participants (each child can participate up to 2 times). Over the years, these sports competitions have demonstrated that sport can bring back the fullness of life - the children gaining much courage, boldness and power.

Indeed, with my own eyes, I have seen how the medical reports of the children who have participated in the previous years are clearly improving, the children are radically changing and they are boldly planning their future, the illness and the therapies remaining as a reminder only on paper. Oncologists also enjoy the positive results of the reports and, despite all the financial difficulties, they are asking us to not let down our hands, but to go ahead.

That is why we are here on the platform Guvern24, knowing with certainty that there are still people with big hearts who understand what is a helping hand at the right time.

It is not a large amount, but not a small one to be covered by parents, especially since the family budget is spent almost on the medicines.

Give these children the opportunity to participate, to win and to enjoy life.

Thank you very much!

For any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us at 079 977 563 - Elena, or on the facebook page



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