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23-year-old K-1 fighter Alexandr Prepelita is one of the most talented young kickboxers from Moldova. Kickboxing is not supported by the authorities in Moldova, however, there are sportsmen who deserve to be supported.

"I started working out in the age of 15 and in fact, my father was the one to push and encourage me. He also was an athlete, and always supported me in my endeavors. I fell in love in this sport in a short time" tells the young man.

In spring 2015 Alexander made his debut in the category of professionals in the framework of a GALA COC held in Chisinau. He managed to impress the audience with his knockout victory over an athlete from the Netherlands. For now Alexander has had three professional fights and won all of them.

Currently, Alexander is training in “Champion Thai Gym” sports club with his coach Nikonor Trocin. "Alexander can be compared to a good dough, out of  which can get a future champion, who will leave enviable traces in the  world of Moldovan sports", says the coach.


Daily workout

Alexander argues that preparation takes all his time. "My training starts at 8 am, so I wake up at 6 to have breakfast. I train up to 10, then go home, have lunch and come back to the gym to have another one or two training sessions for 2 or 4 hours. "

Like any athlete Alexander needs an appropriate nutrition plan. "I used to adhere to a diet, but now I only eat something that is not fried, basically all boiled. In general, I have no dietary restrictions, but i need to add various additives, which cost over 8 thousand lei for 2 months," says the young man.

According to the coach before an important fight an athlete needs proper nutrition, the cost of which may go up to 2 thousand dollars. "You cannot expect outstanding results from a sportsman, if he eats fried potatoes and drinks cheap tea. That actually leads to a decrease in the results. He needs to eat properly, rest properly, dress properly, and be in positive mind and body. However, we have proven that even eating  fried potatoes it’s possible to become a champion, needs more effort though. Not even speaking about sports nutrition, which is very expensive,"- emphasizes Trochin.


Equipment and sponsors

For a good presentation in the ring for an athlete the appropriate equipment that would motivate him is required. "Frankly, the equipment that i have now was given to me by my father long time ago. It is original and durable, so I still can use it. However, even for the big competitions equipment is usually not provided."

Another important aspect of life of a professional athlete is training camp, but due to the lack of financial resources, they are usually held in the same gym where Alexander has been training for a few years. According to the coach, the cost of the training camp outside of Moldova can easily reach several thousand dollars.


Objectives and perspectives

The first major K-1 fight this year will be held within a GALA COC in Chisinau, on April 9. "The process of training before the fight begins two months in advance, but if the coach sees that I'm not enough physically prepared, it can start even three months before. It depends on the opponent and the fight itself. Two - three workouts a day, sleep in the afternoon. In the evening I go to bed at 10 to be recovered again in the morning" says Alexander.

Like any athlete, Alexander aims to get the championship belt in the category of 71 kilograms. "Until I get the belt in this category, I do not plan to develop in a different category. For example, this year I had five Super-fights. Next will follow the pyramid of eight fights, and I have to win them. Then another one of four, and only after that I can make the next step - the championship, " says the young fighter.

This road for Alexander is going to be long, but inspiring, and here we choose to join him.

So, let's all together add Moldova to the world map of K-1 champions. From this point you can become one of the Alexander’s supporters by making a donation. Let's contribute to realizing this mission.




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