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by Asociația Obștească „ECOSCUT”

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It is said that we have to roam the world long and wide, to stay separated from our loved ones by months and even years, only then we can  realize how simple,  yet  complex,  the true meaning of the word "HOME" really is. We decided to launch this crowd funding campaign because we are passionate about our ancestral dances and traditions, the area’s tranquillity and the joyful spirit of our community, which we want to pass onwards to the next generation.

Objectives of the campaign:

Be part of our vision and help us to develop this region with a unique cultural heritage and  landscapes of raw beauty, untouched by the disturbances and the congeries of the modern world. To capitalize on this cultural potential, we kindly ask for your donations in order to develop the eco-tourism in this area, as probably one of the few opportunities to provide our youngster with jobs that will keep them here, in our community. This funds will be used to buy glass cases  for the History and Ethnography Museum in Văleni, to equip the eco-tourism route "Road of Petru Rareş" with tourist signs, rustic touristic stops , as well as high arcades for photo-hunting; and the construction and the installation of touristic attractions such as "Petru Rares’ Coronation Site", etc.


Valeni -  Southern Moldova’s Touristic Hub

As you enter the Southern Moldova,  you will pass through the villages of Giurgiulesti, Câşliţa Prut, Slobozia Mare and Gheorghe Voda’s home village of Văleni, a rustic settlement guarded by the Beleu Lake, a true natural pearl belonging to the Natural Park "Lower Prut", in the West; as well as Moldova’s ``Golden Hills``, a natural and archaeological monument in the east. Besides the breath taking landscape, Văleni village has established itself as a regional touristic hub due to its intense cultural lifestyle and community engagement. The preservation of this cultural legacy, transmitted from generation to generation, is done through the two main history Museums the History Museum of Valeni and the Traditional Courtyard "Casa Dorului", which bring to life the rural lifestyle representing the end of the nineteenth century ; as well as the Bread Museum, telling the history of ritualic bread. Moreover, the Ethno-Folklore Group "Crăiţele", leaded by the well-known ``Granny on Drums``, an international renowned singer from Văleni, are the heart of this energetic community and help to rediscover the traditions of the South each year at the International Festival "Sweet Flower of Acacia".

Beleu Lake/ Lower Prut Natural Park beleu pasariFINAL`` The arrival of the pelicans is an important event for the locals, bringing an intense bond with nature especially during sunrise or sunset, when the sky is furrowed by thousands of birds ‘’

Valeni’s Golden Hills Natural Monument protected  by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova aaa ``The development of eco-tourism strengthens the importance of this natural pearl both externally and internally level, as well as empowers the locals to take ownership of their legacy. ``

Eco-village Valeni / Traditional Farmyard ‘’Casa Dorului’’

Every year , there are approximate 700  of foreign visitors who choose Valeni as their favourite destination for their visit to Moldova, particularly because of the area’s natural and cultural legacy, the locals’ bond with their traditions. BeFunky-Collage1-1-1024x617 ``The arrival of tourists in our community allows us to sell our handmade products to a wider audience, keen on recognising value in traditional products and for a fair price . `` (The  craftsmen of the Lower Prut Area)

The Valeni Museum of History and Ethno-folklore istorieȘIetnografie preot ``The arrival of tourists in the area helps us preserve, promote and rediscover our ancestral traditions, as well as recognise the immaterial value they held for future generations ``

The Carpets’ crafts hop of Valeni  - the focal point of Valeni’s community covoare covoare3.jpg``Coming toghether, crafting our carpets, singing the songs, bringing the childrens over to learn them themselves, gave us a sense of community, one that the massive immigration of our closed ones to find work in developed countries took it away from us.  ``

Valeni’s Bred Museum paine ``Hot dough’s smell , kids playing on the stove and family gathering around the fire made us feel that nice Christmas morning feeling , every day``

Touristic Stop ``La Necula`` -  Moldova’s most colourful wine cellar ( with a secret story) popasturistic The most colourful cellars in the country also hide one of the best-kept secrets in Moldova, namely '' The Virgo’s Hide Out  ''. As such, besides the colourful wine barrels and the tasty atmosphere, deep in the cellar’s womb, there is a secret chamber  that was used by the ladies of Valeni to hide away from  invaders during the First and the Second World War .


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