About us


We believe that the Republic of Moldova can thrive with the help of a network of people with initiatives working together. Our goal is to provide a bridge of communication and cooperation through the crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding, is nowadays a popular, alternative finance method to raise fund — usually via the internet — through the collective effort of large pool of individuals (friends, family, customers and investors). Crowdfunding can be used for a wide range of purposes, including invention developments, scientific researches, civic projects or charitable causes. The model usually involves three parties: the initiators/creators who present their ideas/projects to be funded; the investors (basically everyone) who can support these ideas; and a moderator platform which helps to bring the parties together by providing their networks to reach large audience.

Guvern24 is such a platform in Moldova, supporting both public and private projects in all areas (community, business, culture, education, sport, science and charity).

Guvern24 — is a place in Moldova where IDEAS are turned into LIFE!

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