Our Rules

 Creating projects on the platform:

By creating and registering a project, you accept the terms of the Public Offer (User Agreement).

Be sure to ATTENTVELLY read the terms of the Public Offer (User Agreement), which regulates all relations of the participating parties within each project.

The full version of the Rules for creating a project and instruction, you can download here: Rules for creating a PDF project

To create a Project, you first need to register as a user of the Guvern24 platform. The creation of a profile is free and does not involve any financial commitment.

After creating a profile, select “Create” and you will be redirected to the form, where you will need to enter the requested information.

Once completed, the project will only be available to site administrators. The platform administrators will perform a brief analysis of the project content within 3-10 working days. If the project meets the requirements and meets the rules for using the site, it will be approved and made public.

Types of projects allowed for registration and publication on guvern24.md: social, cultural and charitable projects (excluding projects related to fundraising for treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, etc.). Projects related to obtaining commercial benefits are not accepted for consideration and publication.

If the project goes against the rules of the site, we reserve the right to reject it.

Launch a project

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