Donors are the heroes of each crowdfunding campaign. They are the ones who bring the ideas and projects of the platform to life by means of their financial contribution. Support provided by donors contributes to the development of innovation and creativity. Thus it contributes to the change in our country for the better.

Why should I donate?

Crowdfunding finances not only projects and ideas, but also people wanting to make their dream come true for creating the better future. Each donation contributes to realization of innovational projects, saving a life or creating and developing of a local business.

What do I get?

Crowfunding is a bilateral financial mechanism. The projects to be supported will have necessary resourses for bringing to life certain changes. Donors are the ones who first get the ticket. Along with getting the promised remuneration from the author of the project, the donor becomes a reliable partner of the future of our country.

Can I help by other means?

Of course you can! Each “Share” and comment can induce a person to change. If you want to become a part of Guvern24 team or contribute to the financing the platform visit the “Partners” and “Team” pages.

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