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Winter is coming soon and with it the New Year arrives - the most miraculous, magical and bright holiday.

We are sure that in 2016 the kids have done and continue to do a lot of useful and good things for their family, for their relatives, for people close to them, for all the people who surround them and for the place where they live. Undoubtedly they would like to get something in return for New Year, something that they dream long ago. Due to our action, the kids will have a wonderful opportunity to write a letter to Santa Claus and to tell with him about what good and useful things they have done in the 2016, to share their successes and achievements.

How it works?

We are creating a website, where the kids will have the possibility to write a letter to Santa Claus. They also can write a traditional letter and together with our volunteers we will process all of them, and we will choose the most touching and heart-melting ones.

We'll choose, for example the letter, in which the child asks a hearing device for his grandmother, and forgets about his wishes. Let's do good things together and let's fulfill the aspirations of little dreamers.

Where will go the collected money?

The collected money will be spent on gifts for all children, for those whose dream we unfortunately, can not fulfill. With the gift the children also will receive a response from Santa Claus.

How the children will find out about this event?

1. The information will be placed directly on the website Forum.md, Mama.md and Point.md. Also a lot of web banners will be launched on the Numbers network (it is 70% coverage of Moldavian internet).

2. We will contact the directors of orphanages and we will inform them about this action.

3. In the case that the required amount will be collected, we will place posters about our campaign in kindergartens.

4. Actually a new website of this campaign awaits the launching.

5. The press release will be sent to all Moldavian TV canals.

How the children can send a letter?

1. To the action’s e-mail.

2. Through Posta Moldovei to our office address.

3. Complete the electronic form of the letter on our website.

The Santa’s gifts will receive just those children who have written a real letter, please note that is not enough only to list their wishes. At the same time, is important to understand the limits of what Santa Claus can give and what he cannot.

We hope that in the New Year's Eve, the people who care about and even entire teams of people as well as organizations will join us for such a good cause.



What is the target audience?
The children under the age of 12, living in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
What will happen if the needed amount won’t be collected?
In any case, we will fulfill the children’s desires of one of the orphanages from Moldova.
How else you can take part in our campaign?
You can choose the child's letter, whose dream you can fulfill by yourself.
How to be sure that the funds were spent as intended?
In the end of the holding of the action we will publish photo and video reports, and also the scans of all the checks.
Where will the collected money go?
The collected money will be spent on gifts for all children, for those whose dreams unfortunately, we cannot fulfill. With the gift the children will also receive a response from Santa Claus.
Who will help us to process the letters?
First of all, will be involved the managers of the projects, but also we will invite volunteers who are helping all the time in charity actions.
We held such actions as:
-”RETURN THE FAITH TO VETERANS”( held throughout 12 years) https://www.facebook.com/events/862984457157105/;
-”FOR BOYS AND GIRLS”(held throughout 8 years) https://www.facebook.com/mamamdweb/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1430130083679608



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