Robotics class in the Ivan Vazov lyceum or.Taraclia

by Suditu Natalia

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The aim of the project - the creation of robotics classes in lyceum «Ivan Vazov» Taraclia. It is the first project in the series that we have designed - to create similar classes in all schools in Taraclia district - in total 15 schools. We will be happy if you pay attention to this project. The project is accompanied by an educational Program Roboticsin STEAM Education

How the idea came about: With a good understanding of new technologies, IT and education, exploring global trends in this direction, we realized the need to change the paradigm and raise the standards of school education by introducing innovative forms, methods and tools of modern technology education. We (the Foundation for Innovations and Sustainable Development) also decided to pilot the robotics department as part of an IT education system in Taraclia district: starting with preschools to the university in Taraclia.

What we have already done: in 2020 a class for two groups was created in lyceum. In the school year 2020 - 2021 robotics was an optional course for 5th grade students. Since September 2021, the robotics class has been operating as a circle. Currently the class includes only two groups: the small group (4th and 5th grade students) and the senior group (grades 6-9). The number of students in a group is from 6 to a maximum of 12 people. We are interested in organizing in the lyceum"Ivan Vazov" at least 10 groups for primary, secondary and high school.

About the "robotics" discipline and its benefits for children's development. Robotics is associated with the development and use of robots and computerized control systems. It is the most promising direction in the field of information technology, as the development of industries - auto industry and microelectronics - is currently inconceivable without robotic systems that require the training of a growing number of specialists in the field of robotics. This poses new challenges for the modern education system.

Educational robotics - is an interdisciplinary direction, which is based on disciplines such as physics, mathematics and computer science and aims to develop the skills of young people in the practical solution of current engineering and technical problems and work with technology. Students build robots and learn to program them in a special Lego robot programming environment.

Robotics at school - is a unique teaching tool that helps to create an attractive educational environment for children, with meaningful and captivating activities, which strengthen students' interest in the subjects studied.

The benefits of robotics classes in schools has a number of important advantages for students – the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of robotics, opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in practice, developing logic, erudition and the ability to work in a team, which will have a positive effect on school performance also the participation in robotics competitions and exhibitions at different levels and for middle. For a high school students - the opportunity to self-determine, to prepare for the study of technical specialties at the university.

tank-robotconstructor-boxlego rob2

How the practical hours go: Students are divided into groups (from 6 to 12 persons) and in pairs. Each pair receives a set of equipment and a programming tablet. Sets are formed according to the age category of the students. Students in grades 1-2 use LegoEducationWeDo 2.0 sets; Students in grades 3-5 use Lego Sprike Prime 6-12 use LegoMindstorms EV3 and Arduino sets. Training will be optional in schools, twice a week.Duration of a lesson - 1 academic hour (45 minutes). Based on ready-made robotics sets from Lego and Arduino, students will gain a complete understanding of the process of creating robots in a playful format and in a friendly atmosphere.

teenager EV3 9 legolego roblego-robot-2

What is needed to introduce this subject in the educational process of the lyceum "Ivan Vazov": 1. Equipment and related materials (builders, components, teaching materials, etc.); 2. Specialists who teach this discipline. The total budget of the Project is 214 200.00 MDL

What we offer for the implementation of the project and what we already have: 1. For the implementation of this project we are supported by: Tekwill Innovation Center and District and local authorities (see document in Approvals tab or here); 2. The team implementing this project has many years of experience in implementing business education projects. The cost of classroom equipment and teachers training can be covered by: 1. Financial aid from Tekwill Taraclia - for this project in the «Ivan Vazov» lyceum, 50,000 MDL are already allocated 2. Donations from citizens collected in the background of this project on the crowdfunding platform. Therefore, we still need to collect 164 200.00 MDL

When the project implementation is planned: we plan to implement the project and start the courses with the involvement of more students in March-April 2022.

How will the funds received be used? 1) For the purchase of equipment for classes for 5 groups of juniors and 6 seniors (sets of builders for categories 2-5 classes and categories 6-12 classes, equipment and related materials (such as sets of supplements for designers to expands capabilities, batteries, wifi and bluetooth adapters, chargers, etc.)) 2) For the operation of a team for the implementation, development and promotion of the project (training, methodological materials for trainings and competitions, etc. also administrative expenses.

How will we report: We'll tell and show you a video and photo report with the management of the «Ivan Vazov» Lyceum, we will show you how we managed to arrange the class with the help of the raised funds. All information will be published on the page of this project.

Our team wholeheartedly believes in the importance of such projects. We and the students of Ivan Vazov Lyceum will be very grateful for the attention and help given to this project.


Foundation for Innovations and Sustainable Development Team e-mail [email protected]  tel: + (373) 60100495


If you are an organization and it is convenient for you to make a donation by bank transfer, the bank details are listed below. Your submission details will be entered and displayed on the project page.

Bank transfer details: Moldova Association Fund for Innovation and Sustainable Development Moldova,  IDNO 1019620005763, IBAN MD79ML00000002251428658, BC Moldindconbank SA Burebista branch, Bank code: MOLDMD2X328.

Dear friends, thank you!

The funds collected through the Guvern24 platform were transferred to Foundation for Innovations and Sustainable Development of Moldova and will be used by it for its intended purpose. Thanks to everyone who took part in the project.









1) Управление Образования, Культуры и Туризма - Районный Совет Тараклия - Upravlenie-obrazovaniya-kultury-i-turizma-Rayonnogo-soveta-Talaklii.pdf

2) Письмо от лицея им. И. Вазова - Pismo-ot-liceya-im-I-Vazova-3.pdf

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