A shelter for each dog!

by Clubul Diversitate

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We are looking for people to adopt stray dogs and we hope to find 200 people in our district (out of 80 000 residents) that are willing to adopt. We currently have 23 people that are waiting to adopt a dog. Once we start the project and we catch the dogs, we will bring them to the adopter's house.


We will pay for a doctor consultation to make sure that the dogs are healthy and if not give them the correct medication. The veterinarian will sterilize the females. We will inform all the villages and the city about how important the sterilization is because without it, the puppies get killed or become stray dogs.

Doing all this we can have a whole district without stray dogs. 

The sterilization is about 100 lei($5) + the price for transportation. The money that we need is – 30.000 lei($1500) will let us sterilize about 250 females which means that the females from the nearest villages also will be sterilized.We will put on Facebook all the photos of the people who adopted a dog.

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    MDL 388.00

    8 years ago
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    MDL 388.00

    8 years ago
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    8 years ago

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