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We are happy you have joined us! Using this website (“Site” or “Platform”) or services provided by Guvern24, you agree to comply with Terms and Conditions. This page contains Terms and Conditions of use of the Guvern24 website. Thus, when you create a new profile and launch a project, you agree with the content of this page. The administrators of this platform reserve the right to change the content of this page.

* 01.04.2016 Taxes and Commission Fees Modification: Guvern24 charges 2% of the collected amount. This amount is used for the technical maintenance of the the platform. 


Users are called those visitors of the website who register a user profile on the website, and thus agree with this page. The users of the website can launch projects  — initiatives aimed at collecting funds. When a natural or legal person or a company initiates a project on the platform a bilateral agreement is set up between them as the BENEFICIARY and those who donate – the DONOR. Thus, each donor who makes a donation  (financial contribution)  to a project sets up a Beneficiary – Donor agreement between himself and the author of the project. Each beneficiary assumes the responsibility to satisfy all the remunerations promised to the donors on the project page. This agreement and the rules that govern the activity of both parties of the agreement are provided in the category of “Obligations of the beneficiary” and “Obligations of the donor”. The only exceptions are projects of “Charity” category, which are exempt from the need to provide any compensation.

Who are we 

Guvern24 is a crowdfunding platform launched on December 22 2015 in Republic of Moldova. Our goal is to make the existence of a platform of crowdfunding possible to support community initiatives dedicated to the well-being of Moldova as a country. More information about our mission and  Guvern24 team you can find on the pages “About Us” and “Guvern 24 Team“.

How to become a user of Guvern24

To register on the website Guvern24 you must be at least 18 years old. All personal information that you may post on the site, will be used by Guvern24 team to monitor users and to be able to provide a bridge between beneficiaries and donors. Therefore, we ask you to provide accurate and complete information. Guvern24 is obliged not to use, modify or distribute the information you provide. Projects published on the platform are available for visitors of the site. Visitors, wishing to finance the project anonymously, may do so without registering. Anonymous donors do not have the right to demand the remuneration until they are registered on this site. To publish the project on the site you need to register and fill in the “Launch Project” form. To make a donation in public and get compensation from the creators of the project you need to register on the site.

Prohibited actions on Guvern24

Guvern24 team does not accept discrimination in any form. Platform Guvern24 has the right to remove any project or reward, user profile, audio or video material, comment, article or any information on the website, if the person responsible for the publication of this information shows hatred, disrespect, harassment, publication of obscene materials or words, the absence of copyrights to the submitted material or any other form of discrimination. Other actions taken by you on the site and recognized as illegal in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Moldova or violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, will lead to the automatic deactivation of your profile.

Rights and Obligations of the Guvern24 Team

      Guvern 24 does not evaluate the developers’ chances  to launch a campaign and implement the project. Guvern24 is not responsible for the quality of the products produced.     

Obligations of the Guvern24 platform:

The Technical Department is responsible for the security of the information of the site and the information stored by payment module, for the maintenance of the site, for the correct display of the available information about the project and for flexibility in the use of the platform. This department is responsible for compliance with the rules set out on this page, and thus has the right to:

  1. Get access to any profile in case of threats to the security of the site.
  2. Delete any profile, comment or project at any time, if they do not comply with the terms and conditions set forth on this page.
  3. To perform any visual or textual changes at the site at any time.
  4. Make changes at the Terms & Conditions page at any time.

Technical Department is obliged to:

  1. Investigate every complaint about breaking the rules of Guvern24 or current legislation of Republic of Moldova sent to info@guvern24.md.
  2. Investigate every complaint  about the Beneficiary – Donor agreement sent to info@guvern24.md and notify the responsible parties of the received complaint without taking part in the debate if all the rules for using the platform have been met.
  3. Actively and clearly answer all the questions addressed to the administrators of the platform via e-mail info@guvern24.md.
  4. Change the Terms and Conditions of Use in case if it has been shown that they are outside the laws of the Republic of Moldova or violate human rights, abusing power or carrying offensive or discriminatory message.
  5. Notify each user separately of any changes in Terms and Conditions of use of the platform beforehand.
  6. Contact each beneficiary in the event of changes of the projects’ content

The Project Department will review and contact the creators of the projects before publishing their campaign on the website. The information analysis consists of verifying the authenticity of the material sent by the developer, and its compliance with the rules of writing the project in accordance with “Terms and Conditions” and “Our Rules” pages.

If your project is approved for collecting funds we reserve the right to make corrections, reformat visual materials and change the text for the most clear transmission of your message. The final version of the draft will be sent to your email address. Once the project is placed on the site, Guvern24 is not responsible for campaign monitoring until the end of fundraising period. Before starting the fundraising campaign signing of a cooperation agreement between the beneficiary and Guvern24 takes place, in which the parties are obliged to:

–  specify the subject of the agreement; –  specify the purpose of raising funds; – specify the final beneficiary; – specify the data account, which subsequently Guvern24 will transfer the collected funds to the beneficiary’s name; – specify the way in which the beneficiary will provide the Financial Report, which will set out how the funds raised have been used (implementation time to be determined by the beneficiary); – present a Report on Distribution of Remunerations (the time period required for the distribution of remunerations to be determined by the beneficiary). Project Department has the right to:

  1. Refuse to publish a project, if the rules set out in the Terms & Conditions and Terms of Use had not been met.
  2. Use the information published on the project page in order to promote it through media channels being Guvern24 partners.
  3. Charge a comission of 2% of the amount of each project.
  4. Refuse to return the donated amount, if there are only 3 days left before the end of the project.

Project Department is obliged to:

  1. Actively and clearly answer all the questions addressed to the department via e-mail info@guvern24.md.
  2. Provide the requested by donors or beneficiaries information needed to communicate with users of the site in case if one of the parties violated the provisions of the Beneficiary-Donor agreement.
  3. Carefully analyze each draft sent in accordance with the rules laid down on this page and on the  Terms of Use page.
  4. Sign a contract with the beneficiaries of the projects after the end of the fundraising campaign.
  5. Sue the beneficiary, if he had not complied with the agreement signed with Guvern24.


Each user of Guvern24 becomes a beneficiary at the time of placing the project on the platform. Beneficiaries are obliged to:

  1. Fill in the Project Form for crowdfunding campaign on Guven24 website in accordance with Our Rules.
  2. Control all the project activities during the fundraising period  and answer all the questions that are to come from the administrators of the platform.
  3. Sign an agreement with Guvern24 platform, which aims to provide greater reassurance to donors confirming the use of donations strictly for the purposes stipulated in the project they had supported, and present the financial report and the report on the distribution of remunerations at the end of the project (if applicable).
  4. Use the resources gathered during the project only for achieving the goals or products promised in the project itself.
  5. Create and distribute all the remunerations promised to the donors within the period stipulated in the agreement signed with Guvern24 platform.

In case of impossibility of implementing the project claimed by the beneficiary, he violates the obligations undertaken  to the donor. Thus, in order to fully implement the obligations, the beneficiary must find another way to bring the project to life and reward his donors. In order to fulfill these obligations we propose the creators to:

  • provide the donors and the community with real and legal evidence demonstrating an obstacle to the continuation of the project and its completion;
  • ensure the legal record of the use of funds until the stopping time of the project;
  • ensure the return of the funds raised or a new way of using them and provide the promised remunerations in case if starting the project was not possible.

In the case of non-compliance with obligations of the agreement, Guvern24 assumes the right to apply to the courts or other appropriate institutions.

Terms and Conditions of Financing

In order to get the resources for your project collected during the fundraising campaign you must complete the following requirements:

  • The date of issue of remunerations to be chosen and appointed by the developer, but what should be taken into account is that this date is relative and may not always be realized just in time. Therefore, the request to the beneficiaries is to effectively analyze the ability and the resources required in order to be as fair the the donors as possible. In the event of change of the due date, the developers of the project undertake to notify each donor separately. We invite you to remind the donors about the issue of remuneration 1 or 2 days in advance in order to coordinate your actions properly.
  • All donations on the www.guvern24.md platform are made in EURO.
  • In case if the remuneration  promised by  the developer includes individual characteristics of each donor, we invite you to ask the necessary questions to each representative individually. So, the main characteristics may be: T-shirt size, address and telephone number, the donor’s favorite color or taste preference.
  • Guvern24 platform is not responsible for the implementation of the project, for the way in which the project will be implemented, or the quality of the products that will be provided as a remuneration.
  • If by the expiration date of the project, the collected amount is less than 10% of the target amount specified in the project, the contract will be terminated by mutual agreement. Thus the collected money will be returned to donors.

Taxes and Commission Fees

Registration on Guvern24 platform is free as well as creating a project or making a financial contribution to a project. As soon as the fundraising campaign is completed Guvern24 charges a commission of 2% of the collected amount. This amount to be used to maintain the project activities, including technical maintenance of the platform. Please pay attention to the listed commission types while calculating the required amount for the successful implementation of the project. Other commission are perceived by the payment modules through which donations are made.

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