Crowdfunding Diaspora – investments for a prosperous Moldova

Crowdfunding Diaspora - investments for a prosperous Moldova

For two days the citizens of Moldova had the opportunity to participate in the Congress of the Diaspora, held at the National Palace on 19-20 August. The event is held every two years and provides a platform for multilateral  discussion between the government and the Diaspora, on the diaspora policy, the impact of  emigration on the economic, social, scientific and political processes in the country, as well as the influence of political parties on the work of the Diaspora.

During the two days various topics were discussed: such as the role of associations, members of the Diaspora; the effectiveness of the access of crowdfunding platform and the active participation in joint projects aimed the development of Moldova; the consequences of emigration. The issue of emigration in our Republic was also discussed. In general, people feel that they are not able to achieve better life in the country. In order to unite the people, members of the Diaspora  developed  processes/programs, that will allow any inhabitants of Moldova  to collect funds for the implementation of vital needs, or ideas (in partnership with the municipality, or independently) in a very easy way. If everyone in the village will allocate 10 lei for a good, useful work – the result will not wait for long. Moldovian Diaspora is not the richest in the world. What it can offer to the community, is to help them to raise funds together, which is an effective way to support important ideas and projects. This process will be ready for use by the end of September.
Some examples of successful crowdfunding  were presented at the Congress. In Moldova, this example is Guvern24, a platform that already supports and promotes private and public projects in all areas: society, business, arts and culture, education, science and technology, philanthropy.

The idea is that the people who contribute to the project, can trace its path from the initial idea to its implementation and application in life. Information on the collection of funds should be transparent  to everybody. Anyone can apply and send finances. Diaspora, as a representative of his people, wants to strenghten the belief of the people in new ideas.

Video Diaspora Congress meeting

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